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Infinita ingenuidad.

13 April 1990
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No sé por qué me gustan tanto los espejos...

01. Me
I'm 22 years old. Born and raised in Seville, supporting Real Betis and the Spanish national team even if we lose. I love reading, writing, hanging out with my friends. I have the ability to know when you've done something wrong, so take your bullshit and stop winding me up. I usually act like a dramaqueen if I want you OUT, so please notice that change in my personality, it would mean I don't want you anymore. That's it.

02. This journal

My LJ is full of slash, my favourite fandom is the football one, and I'm sorry but I love Empanadilla and Piquente, and I'm the proud creator of Rulina, so they are my kids and I love them as I were their mum. I also write about Fabriqué or Sernando, but don't get used to that because it's rare.

03. Something else

I'm studying Laboratory clinic diagnosis and I love haematology, I'm starting my last year and I get depressed thinking about it, because I love my classmates.

...ni los espejismos...